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Why not combine a side trip to one of Florida's many gay-friendly destinations with your gay Miami/South Beach vacation? Miami/South Beach is within close proximity to Fort Lauderdale, Orlando & Key West. 

Zany, eccentric, bacchanalian, Key West prides itself on being different from the rest of the world! World class fishing and diving, historic old home, quaint shops and galleries, awesome restaurants and a nightlife that rivals any destination, Key West is 
a spot everyone should visit at least once. And, definitely check out the Fantasy Fest celebration in late October. The gay community is loved and embraced by this extremely open minded city. Everyone in Key West is accepted for who they are.

Three Hour drive from Miami. 

Over 7 million people a year come to America's Riviera, Fort Lauderdale. For years, Fort Lauderdale has been known as a popular gay and lesbian destination. In addition to being gay friendly, Ft. Lauderdale has over 100 gay owned businesses, including, hotels, inns, bars, night clubs, restaurants, shops, plus the second largest Metropolitan Community Congregation in the U.S.A. Over 30 of these businesses cater specifically to the gay & lesbian market.

Visit Gay Fort Lauderdale




Mickey and Minnie await to help you act like a kid again. Unlike Key West or South Beach, Orlando is a place to bring the family. There are so many themed parks that you'll never get to them all - Sea World, Universal Studios, Epcot, MGM Studios, Kennedy Space Center and of course Disney World. An even not to be missed is Disney World's GayDays  at the end of May.

Orlando is a 4-5 hour drive from Fort Lauderdale.






Most island in the Caribbean are less than two hours away from Miami. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's the influence of the old world civilizations. Maybe it's the aphrodisiac of the sun, the sand, the pounding of the surf. Maybe it's the slow, sexy moves of Latin rhythms, in dance, in music. For all these reasons, and more, the Caribbean wins our heart for one of the world's greatest vacation destinations for gay men and lesbians. The last decade has seen a turnaround in attitude in this latitude - - from mayors in the British Virgins boarding gay cruise ships to welcome gays to their islands; the Caribbean's first all-gay bathhouse in Puerto Rico; commitment ceremonies in Curaçao. A n d we've seen no reason to think the trend will shift. If anything, the tide gets stronger each season, each year. So don't hesitate to go, have fun, have no fear, and follow our guide to the best beaches, clubs, hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, nightspots and bars for gays and lesbians. Take your own playmate, get hitched, or get ditched and find another to console you -- whatever the romantic denouement of your visit, you're going to have fun in the Caribbean. Planet Out


So close and yet a world away, Mexico is one hot destination, both literally and figuratively. From the seething sophistication of its capital city, to quaint colonial towns rich with art, to sun-kissed resorts on silky sand beaches, Mexico is a land of surprising depth and diversity. And despite the country's obvious Latin-Catholic roots, it remains a popular destination for the gay traveler.


Whether you're an archaeology buff, an outdoor adventurer, or a party-goer in search of a good time, South America presents so many diverse travel options that it'll make your head spin. We'll help you plan a memorable trip, starting with our highly opinionated lists of the best experiences the continent has to offer.




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